Our Culture

People Working Together Creatively. It’s a simple concept and one very powerful idea. Our culture breathes life into our vision. It’s what brings it all together. People Working Together Creatively is what helped us get to where we are today. And it’s what will help us shape travel tomorrow. It comes down to how we do things every single day. It’s what makes us great to do business with and great to work for. No matter who you work with at Hotelbeds Group and no matter the location, you will recognise it. We are creative, we are daring, we are collaborative and we pro-actively seek better and more efficient ways to make a difference in the world of travel. It guides how we interact with each other and with our business partners to make it all happen:

Let’s reshape travel!



Hotelbeds Group Code of Conduct

At Hotelbeds Group we take very seriously our responsibilities to all our stakeholders, within the travel industry and beyond. To learn more about how we do this you can download here our Code of Conduct.