About us



Our vision

Travel doesn’t just take one shape. Travel is any shape and every shape, it’s ever changing and different for everybody. Travel isn’t just going from A to B, it’s about exploring, discovering, experiencing, and sharing. It’s about creating new shapes all the time. Hotelbeds Group isn’t just another link in the travel value chain, we pro-actively work with our partners to reshape and stay ahead of the curve. We want to ignite the future of travel. Our people are key on this journey, facing challenges with energy and focus. They have made us who we are today, and together with our partners they will reshape who we are tomorrow.


Our internationalisation story

By continually innovating our business models and leveraging the powerful combination of global distribution with local destination infrastructure we’ve been able to establish a virtuous circle of organic and sustainable growth across markets worldwide. Since we were established in 2002 we have maintained an unrelenting focus on internationalisation. Supporting this approach we have made a number of strategic acquisitions over the years to further accelerate and support our vision of reshaping travel. The timeline below highlights some of the milestones of our success story.